Jinx's Pit's Top REAL Barbeque


Thanks for the memories!

Pit's Top is gone, but his Que lives on!


 "...do not miss Jinx's Barbeque, which offers
hickory smoked barbecue and
some seriously down-home atmosphere that
ranks with some of the country's best."

 - Wall Street Journal

"Best Pulled Pork Sandwich"
“...this juicy ’sammich’ on Texas toast
will transport your mouth to the Mississippi Delta.”

- 2008 Maxim Food Awards

"...pulled pork (smoky meat and tangy sauce are sublime) and
slow-roasted spareribs (slide-off-the-bone good)"

- Northern Virginia Magazine  

"There have been few culinary experiences in my life that have quieted, humbled, and thrilled me with its utter perfection, but Jinx's pork did all of those things. Like true love, the experience of the sandwich left me quite certain that it would be a long time before I could feel anything tantamount to the pleasure I experienced on that summer afternoon. "
- Chichi Wang, seriouseats.com  

"In the midst of the "rush," Jinx finds time to push a sandwich under my nose. I dribble on sauce, and hesitate a beat before diving in. Glory, it's as satisfying as ever. Maybe it's even better, enhanced not just by the knowledge of how it was made, but of the life that led to its creation."
- Steve Russell, Edible Blue Ridge  

Now catering only.
Serving the Charlottesville and Staunton areas -
please call Jinx to inquire!